Our Fees

Our charge-out rates are competitive with other similar practices of our size in the CBD.

Our fees are based on the time taken to carry out the work required and are calculated at the rates applicable to the individual grades of staff working on the assignment. Rates are based on the level of experience and qualifications.  You can be assured that at least one member of the staff assigned to your job will hold a senior position which is appropriate to the level of expertise required for the engagement.

We aim to provide a consistency and continuity of experienced staff, which minimises costs to our clients and enables assignments to be completed in an efficient and professional manner.

Our rates are $300 per hour for work done by a partner and $160 per hour for professional staff.

For Salary and Wage tax returns, our charges are:

Individual – $330.00

Double/Couple – $550.00

All prices are GST inclusive.

All other fees can be quoted up-front, depending on the business.

Please Contact Us if you would like further information.