Employer FAQs

1. What is the maximum and minimum salary for employer superannuation to be payable?
Min. – $450 gross per month; Max. – $120,000 gross per year (approx.). There are also minimum and maximum age limits. Contact us on (02) 9266 0881 if you would like further information.
2. When do I need to pay the superannuation for my staff?
For quarterly payments and to get a tax deduction with no penalty, the due date is the 28th day following the previous quarter-end date.
3. Do all employees have freedom of choice of where their superannnuation can be paid?
No. For advice, please contact our office on (02) 9266 0881.
4. Do I have to pay superannuation for anyone under the age of 18?
5. What is the employer’s superannuation contribution percentage?
9% for small business operators.
6. Where can I find information about the new National Employment Standards?

Click here to view the website and download the Fair Work Information Statement (pdf, 433KB).